The Adado Riverfront Park downtown is getting a new addition this fall, a universally accessible playground. We already have many playgrounds in the Lansing area, why is a universally accessible playground different? Some of our current playground facilities are accessible to children who may have some kind of disability, but a universally accessible playground is one that every single part of it is accessible to all children no matter what their abilities are.

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The playground is a project of the Capital Region Community Foundation in partnership with the city of Lansing. It was carefully designed with input from the Disability Network, the Mid-Michigan Autism Association, and approximately 50 families who have children with disabilities were surveyed for input on the design. The park will be inclusive to those with not only physical disabilities but also sensory and developmental disabilities.

For those in wheelchairs they plan to build a ramp system to give them complete access. Every piece of equipment on this playground is accessible, you will have kids with a disability playing right next to kids who are more typical, there’s a place for all kids on this playground.

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The playground will be built with universal access to the riverfront for activities, and will include a picnic deck, pavilion, and free parking. The cost for this project will be 1.5 million, almost half of that has been raised already, the Community Foundation is matching donations. Their plan is to open in the summer of 2022. If you would like to donate to the project just click here.


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