Have you ever thought about optimizing your own road trip in Michigan and roughly how many hours it would take to complete your fun filled trip?

I think this is a brilliant idea because I've been to quite a few places in Michigan but not nearly enough to call it a complete full circle road trip.

This of course would take a lot of planning and a lot of mapping. You would have to map out your entire Michigan road trip by hand or computer, which ever you prefer.

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 Michiganradio.org tells us this:

According to Randy Olson, 2,098 miles and 43 stops is the perfect road trip around Michigan.

Randy graduated from Michigan State University in 2015 and this whole thing started by picking out, in Randy's opinion, the best places to stop in Michigan.

Olson also figured out that it would take anywhere from 40-50 hours to complete the optimized Michigan road trip.

Needless to say but Randy Olson is a genius who used his computer to map out his entire Michigan trip.

Basically you would want to map out your own Michigan road trip that would be full circle around the entire state of Michigan.

You could start on the east side of the state at Oscoda for example and then either head north toward Mackinaw City and continue throughout the Upper Peninsula or you could head south to Mt. Pleasant and continue with your Michigan trip in that direction.

You could also start in Detroit and head west straight to Ann Arbor, followed by Adrian, Jackson, Lansing, Battle Creek and then continue more west as you head to Holland and Grand Rapids.

This sounds like so much fun and something I would like to do someday with my wife.

Just figure out exactly where you would like to go during your own optimized Michigan road trip and plan on traveling well over 2,000 miles.

Randy Olson had a great plan according to michiganradio.org:

"Once I had chosen those locations, it was just a matter of plugging it into my algorithm, which uses a combination of Google Maps and machine learning to try to find the shortest route to go around the entire state and hit all of those stops," Olson said.

I think I would begin in the Upper Peninsula and then finish my road trip in the Lower Peninsula.

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