Oh hangovers, we've all had 'em and we've definitely all had at least one that we thought was the worst ever.

It's one of those frustrating things because you just hope the night before that caused it was worth it...and sometimes the way it makes you feel makes you wonder if it really was. There's not much you can do to prevent them, besides properly hydrating while you're drinking, and when you inevitably deal with them, you kind of just have to say "yup, I did this to myself, didn't I?"

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Common Hangover "Cures"

Hangovers, there are so many ways people have come up with to try to subdue you.

There's aspirin, that can help. There's greasy food that often just makes us feel even more like crap when paired with you.

For me, one of my go to hangover cures is I always try some pickle juice and a ton of water but when that doesn't work, i assume some "hair of the dog" can tame the beast you are.

However, with all these things considered, it's safe to say that nobody likes you...at all.

You make our heads hurt, you make us tired, weak, shaky, nauseous and you make it so if we had anything productive planned for our day, it doesn't happen.

Why Do You Get Worse As We Get Older?

You know how they say some things, like fine wine for example, get better with age?

Maybe even some experience or practice?

You, hangovers, you do not and I don't understand why!

I get it, we just can't all "bounce back like we used to" but if you are a returning visitor to someone and their body, don't you think they would be more prepared or better equipped to handle you?

You've Overstayed Your Welcome

You know when you invite someone over and then they kind of start to get on your nerves?

You're kind of like that, hangovers.

We get that by drinking, we are essentially inviting you along to our plans the next day but, my goodness, you could show up the next morning and say "hey, you know what you did last night" and go on your merry way.


You are just a major inconvenience that for some reason we deserve or have to just accept if we drink.

You win, hangovers, you win.

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