What did we ever do to you, huh? This is supposed to be the time where we get out and enjoy the sunshine and the lakes and all the other wonderful nature that surrounds us here in The Great Lakes State.

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It's Just Too Dang Hot

You know, we all probably wouldn't be as annoyed with you if you would just keep it consistent...and not keeping a wet blanket over us at all times.

We're used to roller-coaster weather here in Michigan, we get it, "don't like the weather, wait five minutes, it'll change" is an old standby among us. But COME ON MAN...or woman...or genderless being in the sky.

We love warm weather, but when the air feels like we're sitting in a hot tub after a few beers, it's rough.

Nobody knows how to dress, nobody knows what to go out and do (now that we can) and there's only a certain amount of layers we can move before we have to go to jail for public indecency.


You do realize you had us in almost drought-like conditions about a month ago to the point there were burn bans?

I mean, thank you for finally bringing some rain but have you just been waiting, storing it all up and waiting for a specific, two-week period to dump it all on us?

Maybe you have forgotten a very special weekend that happens every year that people prefer it to be pretty sunny and dry, we all make mistakes.

However, even if you did have intentions of ruining Fourth of July weekend, that's not nearly detrimental as what you have done by flooding communities all over Michigan.

Those tornadoes that touched down last week and over the weekend were a real treat too...NOT.

That's messed up, friend...if I can even call you that.

There's Still Time To Fix This

You have given us a few periods of sunshine and clearer skies and we appreciate that. Really, giving us some reprieve from the storms, how kind of you.

However, keep in mind that humidity and crazy heat we talked about earlier.

We get it, you had to even out the damage done from a dry spell but I think you might have overdone it. Now it's up to you to just lay off for a little bit.

When we said this was going to be "hot girl summer" we did not mean THIS literally.

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