No matter what profession you are in, there are always going to be people who try to discredit what you do. It's kind of just a fact we have all accepted at this point, right?

However when it comes to the people who help us feel good about ourselves like hair stylists, makeup artists, aestheticians, etc. they often get overlooked or told their job is easy or is just for fun or is some sort of "back up plan."

Another one of those professions would include nail technicians and I want to talk about just how important you are to people who indulge in the service you provide and want to give you the kind of praise you deserve.

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Finding the Right Nail Tech Can Be an Adventure

You know when your friends find "their" person to do their nails so you try to go to the same place and your experience is not the same?

People often hop from salon to salon trying to find the right person for them, the one who is fun to carry on conversations with, open to new ideas or just simply knows and understands your style.

When you find that person, it's such a great feeling...and there is a lot of trust involved.

Sure, people entrust you to make sure their nails, hands and feet look good. However, they are also trusting you to help them keep those things healthy.

One wrong move and someone could be losing a digit be that from infection or any other mishap. There are so many precautions and procedures you are aware of and you carry them out diligently because you care.

It's About More Than Just Pretty Nails

Of course, that's pretty much the main reason for getting our nails done. However, to me, it's about taking some time out of our days to do something kind for ourselves.

Sure, it may seem frivolous to some, but to others it's something that maybe made them smile or feel good about themselves in general for the first time in weeks.

I remember whenever I would see my therapist, even on video sessions, she would notice when I had my nails done and she would tell me "I see you're still getting your nails done. Good. Keep doing it."

What you do is have someone be a happy, walking example of you and your work and not only are they proud to do so but you put a little extra pep in their step while doing it.

You ever notice when someone has their nails done and they might start talking with their hands more or start being more expressive in the things they do?

You did that. You gave them that little extra boost of confidence they may have been needing.

Winters in Michigan Can Be Brutal

Not only does the cold weather really do a number on our hands and our skin in general but it also does the same to our mental health.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is very real and some people get really down in the dumps in the winter and could use something to lift their spirits.

With the lack of sunshine and a perceived lack of things to do, sometimes the times someone can come get their nails done could be the thing that gets them out of bed that morning.

At least I know all of the things I have mentioned until now are all things I've experienced.

I Know, It May Not Seem That Deep

Maybe this isn't the same for everyone and I am just "in my feels" writing this. However, I think if people really sat down and thought about it some more, they could find something they could relate to.

All in all, I hope this message reaches every nail technician in Michigan or at least inspires those who do get their nails done to be a little extra appreciative of you and what you do.

I know, at the end of the day, you may not feel like you made that much of an impact on someone's day but get those thoughts out of your head RIGHT NOW, because I guarantee you did something really special for someone. Even if it was simply putting little ghosts on each of someone's fingers that day (Thank you, Christina).

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