There are so many beautiful public beaches in the state of Michigan. Two of those beaches I visit regularly every summer because they are so clean.

One of them is Ludington State Park Beach and the other beach is at Stearns Park also in Ludington.

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Ludington State Park is one of those most well kept up beaches I have ever seen. It's a very clean beach and it's fun to walk barefoot on the sand when you are finding the perfect spot for fun in the sun.

One thing my wife and I try not to worry about is any bacteria that may affect our decision as to what beach we should go to for the day.

When it comes to bacteria contamination, the Michigan Department of Environment doesn't mess around. has this to say:

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy’s Beach Guard system posts notifications of beach closures and contamination advisories for high bacteria levels. More than 1,200 public beaches and nearly 600 private beaches are monitored.

Out of all those beaches that are monitored, there is only one Michigan beach under a contamination advisory, and it's a Lake Michigan beach.

As it stands, Van Buren State Park Beach in Van Buren County is under a contamination advisory since June 7, due to high levels of bacteria. Experts said it's from an unknown source. tells us:

The Beach Guard site gives the public information on beach water quality across the state. It includes water sampling results and daily updates on which beaches are under advisories or have been closed. The data covers 1,224 public beaches and 575 private ones.

I think this summer my wife and i are going to search out more Lake Michigan beaches just to change things up a little. We may even head to Grand Haven, which is one of Michigan's featured Beach towns. Have a safe and happy summer!

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