The Oldest Church Building in Michigan is the Mission Church on Mackinac Island. It was built in 1829, with services beginning in March 1830.

Even though the Mission is Michigan’s oldest surviving church building, the island’s Sainte Anne Church (Mackinac Island) was built earlier. Sainte Anne’s original structure was replaced by a new one in 1874, making the Mission Church the oldest survivor.

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Mission Church is located on the corner of Huron and Tuscott Streets, east of downtown and next to the infamous, haunted ‘Witch's Drowning Pool’.

In 1956-57, the church received its own Michigan Historical Marker, It reads, “This is one of Michigan’s oldest Protestant churches. It was built in 1829-30 by the Presbyterian flock of Reverend William M. Ferry, founder in 1823 of a nearby Indian mission. Robert Stuart and Henry Schoolcraft were lay leaders. About 1838 private owners bought the building. It is judged Michigan’s best example of the New England Colonial church style”.

...And in 1971, the church was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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