Stronach is a small town in Manistee County. Originally settled as “Paggeotville", it was renamed in 1841 when John & Adam Stronach built a sawmill along the Little Manistee River and got the town’s prosperity rolling. The post office was established in the summer of 1866.

During this mid-1800’s time of the town’s growth, a whole family was burned to death in a house fire: mom, dad, and two children. This occurred near the Old Stronach Bridge, about 1 ½ miles east of town.

The bridge has been named one of the Top Creepiest Bridges in America, due to the unexplained events that surround it. The sounds of unseen children laughing, playing, and splashing in the Little Manistee River can be heard at all times throughout the night. Sometimes ripples will appear in the water, accompanying the sounds. Why are these things heard and seen? The children who died in the fire loved playing in the river…they seem to continue to play in the water, close to 200 years after they perished.

To get to the bridge, head east out of Stronach on Stronach Road. When you get to Old Stronach Road, turn right and you’ll cross the bridge. Drive a little further down, and you’ll come to the Old Stronach Cemetery, small but scary, particularly at night.

Also, the river has its eerie moments, too. Walking along the twisting, turning, gnarled river at night thru the trees is an experience you won't forget. All I can say about that is...WOW.

If you visit, respect any private property you might come across and don't trespass.

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