One of the uniquely quaint things about Michigan's old days are the hotels.

Whereas today's hotels are too fancy-schmancy with anything they can think of to spoil you rotten, the Michigan hotels going back over 100 years only had the basics.

Pitcher to fill with water with an outside pump.
Some had no sink, but a portable bowl or basin to pour the water in to wash yourself. No bathroom.

That's about it, even though there were some who took it a step further and had a sink.

There was:
No coffee maker
No vibrating mattress
No phone
No wakeup calls
No internet
No wi-fi
No awesome scenic views
No refrigerator
No hot tub
No vending machines
No video games in the lobby
No coffee shop
No DVD player
No Netflix

My gosh, how could a customer survive?
The majority of today's population couldn't.

Some hotels were in a building that also doubled as a post office, saloon, general store.....and brothel.

Many of our current small towns have eliminated their downtown hotels and erected motels on the outskirts of town. The downtown hotels were either torn down or more likely turned into a different type of business, like a department store or restaurant.

The gallery below shows some of Michigan's old would be kinda fun to go back in time and spend the night in one.

(all photos are available at



Michigan Jails

Michigan Water Towers

Michigan Ice Houses and Delivery Wagons, Early 1900s

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