Does anyone hang out in hotel lobbies anymore?

You may have seen the old movies where the lobby was where you wanted to be seen. The lobbies were full of people reading the newspaper, smoking pipes, yakkin' with a group of friends, having snacks, holding meetings, and playing cards. Sometimes someone could catch a nap in a lobby chair without being disturbed.

It was kind of a prestigious thing:
"Gee, I hope somebody I know sees me here."
"Sitting in this ornate lobby should impress my friends." 
"Other people will think I'm really well off if I just hang around here for a while."
It really was true...lounging around impressive lobbies made even the most ordinary person appear impressive.

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Now in this day and age, we check into a hotel and immediately go to the room...and usually stay there unless we want to go get ice at the ice machine, grab a coffee, or get some chips or candy at a vending machine. Sure, there are pools where we can swim, an occasional workout room, and maybe a game room with arcade games...but the hotel lobby is not like it was many years ago. It used to be the place to go after checking in.

The gallery below has over thirty old hotel lobbies. Maybe you'll see the charm in them, maybe not...but as simple as they were, it's where you wanted to be before you hit the sack.

A Look At Old Michigan Hotel Lobbies


The Old Coleman's Hotel

Hayes Hotel Memorabilia, Jackson

Abandoned House Of David Hotel

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

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