This cool old building was constructed in 1908 on the Wexford County Fairgrounds in Cadillac. Originally named Floral Hall, this structure was an integral part of the annual county fairs, and has become an historic, iconic part of Cadillac.

And now someone wants to demolish it.

Hopefully that won't happen. There is a movement going on to save the old hall and just move it to a new location, possibly to the Veterans Park. The Veterans Serving Veterans bought the hall for one dollar and plans are underway to get it renovated and moved.

Over the decades, Floral Hall was the “centerpiece” of the Wexford County Fair, featuring exhibits, contests, and displays. With the digital age taking over, and less customers going to fairs, people began to ignore the old hall, neglecting it to a point where it began falling apart.

If you'd like to see their progress, or even give 'em a hand, check out their FB page HERE.



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