No matter what the weather is like, your vehicle will get sick. We've all been there.

Wintertime - tires go flat, engine won't turn over, slide into snow and get stuck, door handles break from trying to pry open frozen doors, etc.
Spring – tune ups, oil changes, car washes (inside and out).
Summer & fall – everything else falls apart.

If it weren't for auto garages, mechanics, and service stations, where would we be?
Still sitting in the driveway or in a ditch somewhere.

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Yeah, we complain about the costs...who doesn't? But on the other hand, we're darn lucky these places are around so our vehicle repairs don't all rely on ourselves. Today's vehicles don't break down as often as they did at the beginning of the 20th century, and those guys were constantly busy.

Take a look at some of those old Michigan auto garages, going back over 100 years!

OLD AUTO GARAGES, 1900-1950s


Jackson's Auto Industry

Lansing's Historic Duplex Truck Company

Remembering AutoWorld

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