After all this time of online learning and missing conversations with your friends, students at Okemos High School returned this week to in person learning.

According to the Lansing State Journal, the Okemos High School's principal greeted students who chose to return for in person learning at the high school for the first time in nearly a year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Even the principal, Christine Sermak, teared up when the kids returned to school on Monday.  Sermak said it's so emotional.  It's almost like when you get your vaccine, you just want to tear up.  It's just really exciting to have kids back in the building.  (Lansing State Journal)

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The Lansing State Journal tells us when Okemos High School students resumed in person learning Monday, they joined the rest of the school district and 13 other Greater Lansing school districts that now have kids back in the classroom.

At this point, just Lansing School District remains online only.  Lansing will return to classroom learning on March 22nd.  (LSJ)

The Lansing State Journal also said Governor Gretchen Whitmer encouraged Michigan schools to resume in person learning by March 1.  Waverly Community Schools and Grand Ledge Public Schools resumed in person learning that day.

Even with teachers finding new ways to make remote learning work, some students find it simply can't replace learning in a school setting.  That's why several students returned for in person learning at Okemos High School on Monday.  (LSJ)

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