A recent study says that Ohio and Florida are among the rudest in the United States according to their own residents.

The jury is out on if this survey shows which states are actually the rudest or which state has the most self-hate.  Over 77,000 people responded to a survey from YouGov.com.  This survey asked people to rate fellow residents in the state they live in as more rude or more polite than most Americans.

Before we get to the two states that we love making fun of, Ohio and Florida.  Let's check out Pure Michigan.  Michigan just barely missed the top 10 self-proclaimed rudest state list landing at #12 over-all.

Here's the breakdown for Mitten State.

% of Michiganders who say their state is more polite: 17% (Rank: #38 Most Polite)
% of Michiganders who say their state is more rude: 20% (Rank: #14 Most Rude)
% of Michiganders who say their state is about the same: 51% (Rank: #7 About The Same)

Ohio's "net rudeness" ranking is #10 over-all.

% of Buckeyes who say Ohio is more polite: 17% (Rank: #38 Most Polite tie with Michigan)
% of Buckeyes who say Ohio is more rude: 22% (Rank: #12 Most Rude)
% of Buckeyes who say Ohio is about the same: 53% (Rank: #4 About the Same)

Florida showed more self-awareness than we expected with an over-all "net rudeness" ranking of #8.

The results do seem to have a regional theme.  You can click here to see the map.  It shows the Great Plains states seem to be pretty happy with their neighbors.  Meanwhile, much of the Midwest and Northeast consider their states very rude.

Find out where your home state lands in this self loathing survey from YouGov by clicking here.

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