There weren't as many celebs that passed away this month as there have been in past months...but here's a short list of the more notable ones that we lost in October 2016:

DON CICCONE, vocalist for The Critters and The 4 Seasons (sang lead on “December 1963”), Oct. 8 (70)


TOM HAYDEN, activist, former husband of Jane Fonda, Oct. 23 (76)


Courtesy of Liberty Records

BOBBY VEE, 50's & 60's pop singer, Oct. 24 (73)




JOHN ZACHERLE, 50's & 60's horror-show host, Oct. 27 (98)

TAMMY GRIMES, actress, Oct. 30 (82).



Courtesy of Elektra Records

Thanks to each & every one for the entertainment they provided over the decades!