It's official on Monday, November 15. It's the traditional opening day for Michigan's regular firearm deer hunting season.

Thousands and thousands of deer hunters all across the state of Michigan will be out hunting in their favorite neck of the woods, looking for that perfect deer.

Whether you like venison, or just the thrill of the hunt, many hunters have their own reasons why they go deer hunting every year.

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According to

Last year, over 640,000 hunters purchased at least one deer tag in the state according to the Department of Natural Resources license sales division. To let that sink in, there are about 540,000 soldiers in the United States Army right now, not including the National Guard.

I remember going deer hunting with my dad when I was 16 years old. That's quite some time ago, but definitely a time I will always remember.

It was the first time I ever bagged a deer in my entire life. Was I nervous, no doubt about it.

I remember using a 16 gauge shotgun that my dad gave me when I killed my first deer up in the Grayling area.

There were four of us hunting that particular day. My dad, uncle, cousin and me. My dad and uncle decided to go deep into the woods to see if they could scare any deer toward my cousin and I.

My cousin and I were near a dirt road with woods on both sides of us. We were both somewhat far apart from each other for safety reasons.

We both had our shotguns in hand waiting for anything to happen, when all of a sudden a spike horn buck came prancing out of the woods and stood right in the middle of the dirt road.

At that point I lifted up my shotgun, took the safety off and was ready to shoot when all of a sudden, I couldn't do it. I froze in my tracks and watched that deer run off into the woods.

I thought I had missed my chance to kill this deer when all of a sudden, it came right back out in the middle of the road and stood there not even moving.

I lifted up the shotgun, took off the safety, aimed and fired. I shot the deer right in the middle of it's body. We had to track it down about 75 yards back into the woods and once we found it, I had my first deer kill and my last.

I know this sounds crazy, but I felt so bad about killing this deer that I didn't want anything to do with hunting animals ever again.

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