Q: Last week you posted about the song HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN by The Animals. Wasn't there some Michigan band who had a hit with that as well?

A: Yup. Detroit band Frijid Pink took their version of HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN to #7 in 1970; they had recorded the song just to fill out the rest of an album but record heads decided to release it as a single; it became an even bigger hit overseas. But thanks to crooked managing and attorneys, the band never received any royalties. Frijid Pink formed in 1967 and toured throughout southern Michigan, playing the usual clubs. They became so popular in Michigan, that a newly formed group called Led Zeppelin was their opening band for a few gigs. After a few more singles and albums, Frijid Pink (who claimed the name meant "cold excellence") split up in the mid-70's....but a new Frijid Pink lineup was formed in 2007.