One of Michigan's all-time creepiest places was the abandoned Northville Psychiatric Hospital near Detroit.

It began construction in the 1940's and opened around 1951-1952, housing spill-over mental patients from Eloise Asylum, Kalamazoo State Hospital, Newberry State Hospital, Pontiac State Hospital, Traverse City State Hospital and Ypsilanti State Hospital.

As the years went by, rumors spread about the mis-care and neglect of patients: some were subjected to sleeping in halls, attacks and no activity except to watch television.

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Abandoned since 2003, trespassers have claimed to hear ethereal voices and faint footsteps as they traveled the derelict halls, passageways, morgue, and rooms of this eerie establishment.

Exploring doesn't get much creepier than wandering around through an abandoned mental institution...but forget this one. It was demolished in 2018.

The site is located at 41001 W Seven Mile Road in Northville. It's surrounded by a dense forest that has been dubbed the "Evil Woods" by locals.


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