Most of us have been going to Cedar Point all our lives and have seen a lot of rides close forever at the park.

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Cedar Point has been around for over 150 years and has been a leader in record-breaking roller coasters around the world. Of course, over 150 years, many rides have come and gone. Here is a list of nine rides and attractions that once brought us joy during a day at Cedar Point.

If you grew up in Michigan, there is probably a huge chance that Cedar Point was a big part of your childhood memories. A trip just south of the board into Ohio was a pretty regular occurrence for most families during the summer. Field trips, family reunions, birthdays, and more were always great reasons to spend a day at America's Roller Coast.

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Even though I'm now 40, I still get excited when I know that a trip to Cedar Point is coming up. After a trip to Universal in Florida with my daughter, I found out that she is an adrenaline junkie when it comes to roller coasters and I couldn't be more proud. I look forward to taking her there this summer to experience some of the best roller coasters on the planet.

Unfortunately, my little thrill-seeker will never be able to experience some of the classics from my childhood. From the Demon Drop to more recent coasters like Wicked Twister, some thrills are now just a memory. Relive some of those memories below as I am sure you remember most if not all of these rides that are no longer there. And I don't care if you rode it or not, but getting beat up and having half a day ruined because you are in pain from the Mean Streak was a right of passage for any coaster enthusiast.

To address Top Thrill Dragster, I really wish we had more information as to what is going to happen to it. I know there are a ton of rumors, but I just want to know. I loved that ride.

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