Mackinac Island is one of the top tourist spots, not only for those of us who live in Michigan, but for folks who come from other states and even other Countries.

A 'Bucket List' stay for many is the Grand Hotel.  Yes,it is a bit pricey however it is such a amazing place and the food and service you receive while there is beyond the best.

I have had the pleasure of staying at the Grand several times, and I had heard from friends and others that there were many different hauntings going on there.  I never saw anything that was spooky, never saw any ghost's, however one evening when I was walking back to the room by myself I had the strangest feeling that I was being watched and followed as I walked down the long hall to our room.   I kept looking over my shoulder and nothing was there, but the hair on my arms was standing up.  Something was there, but I never 'saw' anything.

Legends say that when the construction crew was digging the hotel's foundation they began to find so many human skeletons that they lost track of them all   To this very day, the rumors persist that the workers became so unsure what to do with all the bones they gave up collecting them and just continued to build the Hotel on top of the remains.  So if any questions remain why the Grand Hotel may/ or may not have so many spirits roaming around.....well ,that is probably why.

One of the spookiest tales of hauntings at the Grand, involves two maintenance workers who were doing a check of the hotels Theater stage.  One of the workers was overwhelmed with the feeling they were being watched by someone or something he would describe as"


evil'.  The story goes the man saw 2 glowing red eyes peering from a dark shadow hovering above the theater floor, and as he watched the black form began to rush at him, knocking him right off his feet.  That worker awoke in a hospital two days later and swore never to return.

The stories from all over Mackinac Island are fun to hear, but you really need to experience the Island for yourself.   You never know what you might see.


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