Does the name Felix Oscar Schlag ring a bell? Probably not, to most of you. But to many of the folks in Owosso, it fact, chances are you have used something he's responsible for many times throughout your life.

Felix was the man who designed the Jefferson nickel that we used from 1938 to 2004. Felix was born in Germany in 1891 and moved to America in 1929. In April, 1938, Felix's design for the nickel was chosen by the U.S. Mint, for which he won $1,000 in prize money.....of which he used to pay for his wife's funeral.

On every Jefferson nickel since 1966, you should be able to find his initials "FS"...

After moving to Owosso, he passed away in 1974 and was buried in the town's Oak Hill Cemetery. has more details on Felix, the site in Owosso and the Jefferson nickel; find out more by CLICKING HERE.

Pay him a visit sometime...and as always, be respectful.....and leave a nickel.


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