If you're from the Mid-Michigan area, you're probably familiar with the downtown Mason area.

It's a quaint area that is perfect for a nice stroll but hasn't had much to offer when it comes to eateries lately.

New Restaurant Opens Its Doors In Mason

Just across from the courthouse, Mason finally is seeing new life in a space that hasn't seen much life in years.

Google Maps
Google Maps

A fire laid waste to the former business that resided in the space shown above back in 2015. Since that fire, this building has just sat, ready for the next step in life.

If the area looks familiar, it should. The former restaurant sat next to the department store, Keans.

Google Maps
Google Maps

New Breakfast & Bakery Place Opening Next To Keans

Risen Breakfast and Bakery, is the new restaurant that just opened its doors, sort of, in the downtown Mason area.

As of right now, the current owners are waiting on a few things, however, you will be able to buy bakery treats if you make a stop in.

Owner, Dan Kostecke, said they're waiting on the last inspection from the health department before they can start cook

"Phase one is just being open for retail and bakery items that we have to bake off-site right now, because our current license with the health department," Kostecke told WSYM. 

You can still stop in as of right now, Friday through Sunday, from 10 am to 4 pm. The owners said that they did hope to be cooking come this summer.

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