You can choose to ignore things that go bump in the night, but where is the fun in that?

Michigan has many legends of beasts and beings out there, ranging from the wolfman to a creature as widely publicized as bigfoot.

I've seen bigfoot making his social media rounds around Michigan, and decided to do some research on the mysterious creature, and if he has made a stop here in Ingham County.

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Is Bigfoot Really, Real?

Sorry, I can't supply the answer to that one. I get paid to only know what I need to know and go home, just like you do.

If you have some more details and are withholding, a sharing session would be great.

But let us be honest here. The creature has its own website created by the Washington National Gaurd. You can't tell me that is just a coincidence...

I feel like the Government is just toying with us at this point. They know what's up, but maybe we aren't ready to know the real truth. It's the same deal with Aliens. We just aren't ready yet.

Where In Michigan Would Expect To Find Bigfoot?

To be honest with you, there is a ton of open wilderness here in Michigan. Why wouldn't a creature that probably wants nothing to do with us, not hide in the Upper Pennynsiala area? Just think about it, tons of open space to go and a lack of humans...

Where Was Bigfoot Sighted Here In Mid-Michigan?

You probably have your own ma' and pa' stories that you haven't shared yet from the Mid-Michigan area, but where in Mid-Michigan would this creature be spotted?

Well, it's a lot closer to the capital than what I want for comfort.

The creature has been somewhat seen in Mason, Michigan.

Was The Creature Actually Spotted?


No, the creature was never truly spotted by this Michigan, man in February of 1968. Maybe, you've heard of the alleged story?

Chris Ketchum, 15 years old at the time, said that he saw something unusual in the snow one winter night.

"I got out to the road and there was like a huge footprint," said Ketchum, told WZZM. "I then saw another one on the other side of the road, so whatever it was had a stride of 8 or 9 feet."

Bigfoot Still Lives On In Mason, Michigan:

Look, the creature was not actually spotted back in 1968. The big foot prints were. So, maybe the creature didn't actually walk through the small town of Mason. But, you never know...right?

Well, yes and no.

Just because the creature wasn't spotted back in 1968, doesn't mean the beast hasn't been seen. According to some residents in the area, they actually have seen the beast roaming around.

Get Your Bigfoot Merch:

But wait before you go hang out at Meijer, because minus the park, what else are you going to do? Why not grab some Bigfoot merch?

Amazon has shirts you can buy saying that you saw Bigfoot in Mason.

Have You Seen Bigfoot In Mason?

I'm not a long-time resident of Mason. Minus a trip to Meijer, the fairground and the park, I haven't spent too much time in this city after hours.

However, there are rumors circulating that residents have seen the creature.

Have you?

If you have, open our station app and tell us what you saw.

Did you get a funky smell?

Was he really over 8-feet-tall?

Or, is this just like the smell? A whole bunch of crap?

That's for you and what you see and believe in.

Fascinating Bigfoot Reports From Each Michigan County

Whether or not you believe in Bigfoot, it's still really entertaining to read about all of the times people claim they have come into contact with the creature. Below we're going to go through Michigan county by county and detail the most interesting Bigfoot encounter that's been reported there.

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