Nothing too major taking place at Comerica Park in 2023, just a dew changes at Tiger Stadium which include moving in fences. And the plan is too lower some of the fences as well.

According to the plans, everything should be completed by the Detroit Tigers 2023 season opener on April 6 against the Boston Red Sox.

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According to

The Tigers are moving in the center field fence 10 feet, but it will still be the second-deepest center field in the league after Coors Field in Denver. Additionally the height of the outfield wall will be lowered to seven feet in center field and right field (down from 8.5 feet), and in right-center field (down from 13.5 feet).

I'm sure there's a reason as to why all this work is being done at Comerica Park. Obviously it has something to do with hitting home runs at Tiger Stadium. Experts say it has something to do with the dimensions and layout at Comerica Park. also tells us:

“This has been a topic of conversation for quite some time within our organization,” Tigers president of baseball operations Scott Harris said in a release. “We’re confident that this plan accomplishes our goals of improving offensive conditions on the hardest hit balls, while maintaining Comerica Park’s unique dimensions and style of play. These updates come after a great deal of research and feedback from all stakeholders in and around the organization, including our fans, players and front office.

Sometimes you just have to roll with the changes and enjoy more great games down the road at Comerica Park. I'm sure moving in fences will be a good thing for home run hitters and for the safety of the outfielders.

By the way, a few sports writers are making predictions that the Detroit Tigers will win the World Series by the year 2029. We all know it's going to happen sooner or later right? Perhaps within the next five years.

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