It seems everyday I read about more criminal 's who think they have a brilliant plan, but basically are just idots.     Here are a few more for the list....

Two European tourists landed themselves in court back in 2012 after they got themselves totally smashed and decided breaking into SeaWorld would be a good idea.  The 2 'master minds'  swam with the dolphins, let off a fire extinguisher in the shark enclosure and then ended their night with stealing 'Dirk' a penguin.  When the two woke up the next morning , besides having massive hangovers they realized that they had indeed stolen a penguin and did not know how to take care of it.  Finally they released the poor thing into a canal, but were spotted by locals who called Police.

Dirk was returned to Sea World and at their sentencing the judge fined them and told the two to drink a little less vodka.

A criminal from Ohio thought he had a wonderful plan.  He hated the picture of himself that the police were using to help locate him, so he sent them a better photo, telling them the other photo of him was awful.    The police department responded by thanking him for the new photo, and then arrested him a short time later.

Finally..officials were left baffled by an Afghan Taliban commander who gave himself up so he could collect the one hundred dollar reward.

Yup, you can't fix stupid.