Here's another curious Michigan community: Needmore.

Needmore is/was located in Eaton County, Roxand Township. Surrounding the intersection of Needmore Hwy and Wheaton Road, the land was first purchased in 1837 by Andrew Nickle of Ireland. When he left to retrieve his family and bring them to this new land, a couple of guys named Rowland and Clark moved in and became the first settlers.

According to Michigan Place Names, a bigamist named William Crother also settled here with a woman named Roxana. The folks in the community figured Roxana was William's wife...but nope. Roxana's son-in-law sued Crother for bigamy and won the case. Of course the townspeople were outraged at Crother's sordid deed and petitioned for the town to be named after Roxana, maybe as some sort of compensation for her ordeal. It was agreed on, and as the enrolling clerk was scribbling out the name-to-be, “Roxana”, his sloppy writing made the last “a” look like a “d” and the town and township was then called “Roxand”.

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Wikipedia acknowledges Needmore, calling it a "tiny unincorporated community" in Eaton County. So is that official?

Even so, the post office was still referred to as “Roxana”, and is listed as such on some maps and atlases. An 1873 map lists another curiosity: a postal station named “Roxanna”, a few miles east. A mistake or an actuality?

The town was also briefly called “Maxson's Corners” after landowner Roswell Maxson. By 1913 it was called “Needmore” with Needmore Road being the main route to town. But as far as I know, there is no record why. Anyone know?

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