From Pinckney comes this odd urban legend.

In the late 1920’s a home was invaded by thieves in a crime similar to the Clutter Family (a/k/a “In Cold Blood”) murders that occurred in Holcomb, Kansas on November 15, 1959.

This particular Michigan crime/haunted tale says the thieves entered the home in an amateurish burglary attempt. Alerted to the intruders by their clumsy noises, the man and woman investigated and came upon the trespassers. Startled, and not too happy about being discovered, the invaders did away with the husband and wife in some sort of psychotic retaliation. Their bodies were taken to nearby Cordley Lake, where the criminals rowed a boat out a ways and dropped the bodies overboard into the deep water.

Unlike the Clutter incident, the kids in the Pinckney house were spared.

These days, there are residents in Pinckney that say the ghostly screams of the children are still heard – almost 100 years later - as they re-live witnessing the demise of their parents. The sounds of children continue as they run up and down the road, screaming for help. But which road? It's believed the house in question was east of town, away from any normal neighborhood.

In the woods that surround the lake, there is a specific trail. If you walk the entire trail during the night, you will hear the sound of pounding horses’ hooves and a vision of something dark and shadowy approaching you. Did the thieves use horses for their transportation? It was in the 1920’s, so it’s a possibility.

By the way, it was never reported if the thieves were caught.

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