Whether you have been there or not, you know about the Michigan State Dairy Store and their many ice cream flavors. To celebrate their amazing flavors and also because it is starting to get to summer, I'm going to rank them. These are all my opinions, not any sort of official ranking. Take a look at my picks and let me know in the comments what flavors you'd have in your top 10.

  • 1


    It has marshmallow ice cream, which already sounds good, but also has the other classic flavors that makes it a s'more and a perfect way to enjoy any warm day in Michigan.

    McConnell Adams, TSM Lansing
  • 2

    Sesquicentennial Swirl

    This is probably the most Michigan State flavor you can eat. It is green and white and it has cake batter in it to celebrate Michigan State's 150th birthday.

    McConnell Adams, TSM Lansing
  • 3

    Buckeye Blitz

    I love this flavor even though it has an unfortunate name. If you love chocolate and peanut butter, then this is the flavor for you. Just try to forget that Buckeye is the first part of the name.

    McConnell Adams, TSM Lansing
  • 4

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

    I'm a sucker for anything cookie dough, and I love a good cookie dough ice cream. Well, this is a good one; plus it has huge chunks of cookie dough too.

    McConnell Adams, TSM Lansing
  • 5

    Blue Moon

    This is an interesting one. If you like Superman ice cream, then this one might be a new favorite of yours. It is vanilla ice cream with a hint of citrus so a good mix to get you in the summer mood.

    McConnell Adams, TSM Lansing
  • 6

    Dantonio's Double Fudge Fake

    If the name doesn't get you to want to try this flavor, then how about real pieces of brownies and caramel filled footballs? This is a fun one but don't get too much cause it is a lot to eat.

    McConnell Adams, TSM Lansing
  • 7

    Black Cherry / Cherry Kiss

    If you want the full Michigan ice cream feel, but you aren't a fan of Superman ice cream, then this one is for you. It is black cherry ice cream with real black cherries.

    McConnell Adams, TSM Lansing
  • 8

    Salted Caramel Truffle

    This is another one of my favorites. Give me extra caramel and I'm happy

    McConnell Adams, TSM Lansing
  • 9

    Mint Chocolate Chunk

    I'm a huge fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream. I know you can get it anywhere, but it's extra minty and extra tasty at Michigan State.

    McConnell Adams, TSM Lansing
  • 10


    You can't go wrong with plain old chocolate. Plus, at the Dairy Store, you can have this flavor made into a shake, which is delicious.

    McConnell Adams, TSM Lansing