Michigan State University released their plans for the spring semester of 2021 in a letter to students and parents.

Following suit like many universities including University of Michigan there will be no spring break for Spartans this year.  Instead, the spring calendar will include three midweek days without classes spread throughout the semester to provide breaks for students.

The university also announced that Undergraduate classes will end April 23, 2021. Finals will be will be held one week earlier than previously scheduled to allowing a weeklong period for graduation ceremonies.

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In the letter MSU also indicated a plan to offer more in person classes for the spring semester. Currently there’s only about 40 in person educational classes taking place, but the university is hoping to have at least 400 for the spring semester with a main focus on those classes students need for graduation.

President Stanley did note that there is a strong desire for many students to be able to live on campus. The university is looking to add around 2,500 additional single-occupancy residence hall spaces for the students that have a need to, or desire to be living full-time on campus.

As part of a COVID-19 testing program, MSU will require participation in the COVID-19 Early Detection Program for students living on campus and undergraduate students coming to campus during the spring semester for in-person classes, labs or work. Current program participants, faculty, staff and other student populations will also have the opportunity to continue in the program.

The spring semester for Spartans will start as scheduled Jan. 11, 2021. You can read the entire letter from President Stanley here.


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