I didn't know she passed away...I just found out today.

Betsy Palmer, who played Mrs. Voorhees - Jason's mom - in the very first installment of the "Friday The 13th" films, passed away May 29 at the age of 88.

She had been a respected actress since 1951 and only accepted the role in the above-mentioned horror film for one reason only: she needed to buy a new car. Once the movie was shot, she exclaimed "What a piece of s**t! Nobody is ever going to see this thing."

She ultimately acknowledged and enjoyed her resurrected fame after her appearances in the first and second "Friday" films; she was offered a role in another "Friday" sequel, "Freddy Vs. Jason" but turned it down due to the low wage the producers offered.

Betsy was also a regular panelist on the old TV game show "I've Got A Secret" until it folded in 1967.