The Michigan town of Mt. Forest (legally known as 'Mount Forest') is a former sawmill town with a tiny population left, and some great old buildings that are still standing (SEE PHOTOS).

It resides in Mt. Forest Township within Bay County, north of Bay City and Midland.

Mt. Forest's history goes back to the 1880's, when it was founded as a sawmill settlement with a post office (called "Mountforest") popping up in 1888.

With the population dwindling thanks to the depletion of lumber, the post office closed for good in 1955.

If you pay a visit sometime, you'll really dig seeing the old church which is a great old one-room church, looking almost like an old schoolhouse. Take a look at the photo gallery to see the church and a few other old buildings (including an old general store that was converted into a home).

Add this to the itinerary of your next Michigan roadtrip!


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