I've been a huge Stevie Wonder fan for many years, and I must say putting up a stunning portrait of Stevie Wonder will be a great addition to downtown Detroit's skyline.

Measuring roughly 100 feet tall, the new mural of the iconic Motown singer is being painted by London based artist Richard Wilson.

Visible from Brush Street on the south facing wall of the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts, Wilson's portrait spans roughly 8,000 square feet and is large enough to be seen by an airplane passing overhead.

Wilson said, for me, Stevie Wonder is the greatest living singer, songwriter and musician.  In 300 years, I'm sure he'll be looked at as a Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, that kind of epic influence on humanity.

Wilson flew himself to Detroit earlier this month to start the project on his own dime.  He's paying for his own accommodations, the equipment needed to complete a mural and the paint, roughly 100 gallons of exterior house paint.  Here's more from the Detroit Free Press.


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