Ah, the ‘90s. What was once considered an era of questionable fashion choices is now becoming an endless font of nostalgic inspiration for today’s styles. They say that fashion repeats itself, and one look at the modern trends of the moment reveals this to be true. ’90s fashion is back, and what better way to get fresh style ideas than by revisiting some of the classic movies of the decade?

When it comes to good style, you just know it when you see it. Cher Horowitz from Clueless has it in spades. So does The Dude in The Big Lebowski. Sometimes, a character’s wardrobe reveals a key detail about them —Tyler Durden’s eclectic wardrobe in Fight Club suggests that he shops exclusively in thrift stores. Meanwhile, Juliet’s angelic costume in Romeo + Juliet is a symbol of her innocence and purity.

Sometimes, it’s not particularly what a character is wearing, but how he or she is wearing it. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction is a great example. Her combination of an oversized white button-down and cropped black pants doesn’t sound all that special on paper, but when you see her dancing in it, you realize just how iconic it is.

Below, you’ll find the most iconic fashion moments from movies throughout the 1990s. Expect to see a lot of plaid fabrics, monochromatic ensembles, cardigan sweaters, and funky sunglasses. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even discover your next fashion obsession. At the very least, you can reminisce on how people actually used to dress.

The 10 Most Iconic Fashion Moments From '90s Movies

These fierce looks from '90s films are still remembered today.
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