Either you like doing chores or you hate doing chores. For me, there are a lot of chores I dread, but I do them anyway because no one else wants to tackle them.

Some people hate vacuuming and would rather have a robot vacuum take care of all the floors in the house. Let's be serious, are people in Michigan that lazy that they can't even vacuum there own floors?

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I found this article online at nypost.com and it talks about Americans who pretty much dread spring cleaning. Why? Because it's hard work and there's more to it than you think.

My wife and I like a very clean house and we try to keep it that way most of the time. We have already planned out the weekend when we will both go to town and give our home a complete spring cleaning makeover.

Here's what my wife and I came up with as the most dreaded spring cleaning chores:

1. Cleaning the bathroom. Yes we're talking about cleaning everything including the tub, tile, floor, and the thrown if you know what I mean. By the way, I personally hate cleaning the bathroom because it never stays clean.

2. Cleaning the blinds. I dread this task more than any other task. It's tedious and very time consuming. You have to use the proper cleaning supplies and be very gentle when cleaning blinds.

3. Cleaning out the garage. We try to stay organized even in our garage, but over the winter months, things got a little messy. We start all over by cleaning everything in the garage and sweeping it out as well.

4. Washing windows. To do this chore correctly, it needs to be done inside and out. And not just one window, but every single window in your home. Again, time consuming, but the windows look great once you're finished cleaning them.

5. Dusting and vacuuming. Okay, vacuuming I can handle, dusting is a whole different ball game. For some reason I dread dusting because it's always messy. I would rather use a Swiffer and get it over with quickly.

There's my complete list of most dreaded chores for spring cleaning. Everyone has their own list of dreaded chores, but wouldn't it be much more enjoyable if we could just hire a cleaning company to do our spring cleaning?

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