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Studies have found that working a four day workweek not only lowers stress but shows workers output does not change.

The Guardian, which is a New Zealand financial services company, made the switch.  The company switched is over 200 employees from a 5 day work week to a 4 day work week, without changing their pay.  The study showed that even working one less day a week, the same amount of work was done and the employees were much happier.

The Company said that the biggest increases were in commitment and empowerment.  Staff stress levels were down and the work-life balance scores increased from 54% to 78%.

That 8 week experiment was closely watched by employers and policymakers around the world.

Smaller companies experimenting with the four day week have found performance has been better, right away.

I love the idea of working four days and getting paid for five days, and yes, I would work much harder to make sure we could keep the four day work week.


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