Just how far can a Michigan legend go? How high can a Michigan tall tale go?

This story just may fit that bill.

Locals in the village of Amble in Montcalm County believe there is a giant green squirrel terrorizing the community.

Don't rub your eyes...you read it right.

This super-squirrel is said to be the size of a small cow or a ’72 Buick…and sends fear down spines if it’s seen towering over Amble’s tallest hill. The chirps, grunts, and squeaks this green squirrel makes can be heard throughout the hills and valleys as the sound echoes throughout the community.

So when is this squirrel seen? According to MLive.com“It’s only seen at night, when the locals are most likely to be completely tanked.” Usually on nights when there’s just a slit of a moon and the sky is at its darkest. Nobody can agree on the color of this giant squirrel’s eyes, as various 'witnesses' say the eyes are either blue, brown, red, or yellow. And on top of that, its fur is green.

Since a monster squirrel is unlikely, what other creature are people seeing & hearing that they mistake for a giant squirrel?

Pay a visit to Amble some day or night and check it out. There are some cool old buildings around, as well as the local bar, cemetery, church, a truck & trailer repair service, and an old one-room schoolhouse..

And a monstrous green.....uh, squirrel.

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