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Let's say if you eat one of these 'Monster Burgers' your waistline will look like a globe.

I love a good hamburger, but there are some places where the burgers are so big they are monsters.  You might think these would only be found in the US where we like to supersize things, but these 'Monster Burgers' are found in other countries as well.

Lets take a look.....

Sydney. Australia  home of the Killa Burger Grill, offers up a burger that is nearly a foot across , it comes with a drink and fries.  The burger is $24.50, and if you finish it....congratulations  you will get your name on the wall.

Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Pennsylvania offers up a burger that weighs in at 50 pounds!    If you finish one of their 5, 10 or 15 pound burgers you get a free t'shirt,, finish the 50 lb burger and they will visit you in the hospital or come to your  funeral. (lol)

The Clinton Station Diner in New Jersey also offers up a 50lb burger.  FYI, it includes 50 slices of cheese and has an estimated 81 thousand calories!  If you and 4 friends can finish it in three hours, its free.

The Nindigully Pub in Australia  offers the Road Train Burger, this has been around since 1964.  The burger itself weighs in at almost 3 pounds of meat and comes with fries, onion rings and will most defiantly fill you up.

Blondies Burgers in Canada offers the burger lover a 9 pounder ..and if you can finish it by yourself in 2 hours, its free..  What a deal.

Over de Flames in Norwich, England.....offers a 6.5 pound burger that is topped with relish, ketchup, mayo, two whole onions, three tomatoes and an entire head of lettuce.

Chubby Rays in Louisville will set you up with a 5lb cheeseburger and all the fixins.  This burger is The Fat Teddy.   $45 bucks and its yours, it comes with fries and if you can finish it, it is free.

Finally here in Michigan.........

Mallies Sports Grill & Bar  located in Southgate, Michigan.  They have a  monster burger that has been featured on tv shows MAN vs FOOD, and Food Paradise.  They make the Monster of Monster Burgers and it tips the scales at more than 300 pounds!!

Bottom line, if you want a Monster Burger ..hope your hungry!

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