I have to tell you: I recently went to see the Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes Exhibit at The Henry Ford and now I can't wait to take my husband! He is going to GO CRAZY; seeing the Avengers display was one of the coolest things EVER.

The exhibit really has something for everyone, from younger children who recently were introduced to the Marvel Universe to adults who grew up with the comics and really want to geek out with behind-the-scenes details and history.

The most amazing part for me was seeing the original costumes from The Avengers. They had the exact costumes worn by Chadwick Bozman in Black Panther, Thor's costume and hammer, his brother Loki's helmet and the outfit worn by Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy. Even Groot was there! It was so mind-blowing to see the costumes from Dr. Strange on display, with amazing lighting and colors, very theatrical.

Many of the character displays were human-sized or some even bigger and you could pose for photos with them ... and I did.

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I loved that the exhibit started with a very short film about how the Avengers got their start and how Stan Lee was involved. I learned that his wife wanted him to stop after this one last comic book and that turned out to be the comic that started it all!

The original storyboards were on display for all of the characters so you were able to see their transformation from a beginning drawing to full character, and amazingly, they also had some original comic books from the early 1930s on display. Thank goodness their Moms didn't throw them away!

If you're thinking about planning your own trip to see the exhibit (and I suggest you do!) please know that tickets are selling quickly, so it's easiest if you purchase them in advance. Click here to learn about planning a trip to The Henry Ford and about special offers. I rate it two thumbs up — I would do more, but I only have two thumbs!