I've always wanted to know where the money goes once you return bottles or cans to your nearest grocery store.

According to WILX, by law, 75% of that money goes to the state and given to the Cleanup and Redevelopment Trust Fund to be spent on preventing pollution and cleaning up environmental hazards.

The other 25% goes to stores to help them cover the cost of taking returns. Business groups want the legislature to pass bills cutting the State's share to 50%, and giving the money to distributors and to police to stop people from bringing in bottles and cans from other states.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began, we were all told not to take any bottles or cans back to any grocery store. Obviously it was for safety measures to help keep all of us safe from getting COVID-19.

When things started looking up a little bit, we got the green light to take cans and bottles back to the grocery stores so we didn't have mountains of returns piling up in our garage or wherever.

As of right now the state gets to keep that ten cents you would have earned back on that bottle or can, and now businesses are asking for a cut.

"Special groups including the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association want the state to share some of the wealth. Right now, $10 million worth of bottles and cans never get returned to Meijer and other stores in Michigan every year." (WILX)

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