When it comes to planning a wedding, the individuals getting married typically have a lot of preparing — and saving up — to do. From booking a venue, buying the dress, suits, flowers and all the other expenses that go along with a wedding, the costs add up — fast.

According to Brides.com, “Traditionally, the bride is only solely responsible for paying for the groom's wedding band and wedding gifts for her bridesmaids.”

According to the site, when it comes to the other “wedding costs,” such as flowers, decor, etc., those expenses are often “shared between the bride and her family.”

However, one mom took to Mumsnet declaring she does not want to pay for her daughter’s upcoming wedding as she feels she’s done enough.

The mom explained her “daughter recently got engaged to her long term boyfriend of 12 years,” noting they are both in their 30s, are employed and have lived together for “quite a few years.”

Shardayyy Photography via Unsplash
Shardayyy Photography via Unsplash

She shared she and her husband are now retired, and although they still go on vacations, they don’t have as “much money” coming in as they used to.

"We happily paid for private education and private healthcare and plenty more for all our children and were happy to do so but [am I being unreasonable] to think that by now we've done our bit and our daughter should pay for her own wedding?" she asked.

The mom’s remarks were met with mixed reviews. While some agreed with her, others were quick to suggest she should help her daughter out.

"I got married a few years ago and wouldn't ever have expected my family to put money toward it, I chose to get married so I should pay," one person wrote, while another commented: "Of course they should pay for their own wedding. Is your daughter expecting you to pay? If so, she's being utterly unreasonable."

“You don’t have to no, but I think it would be lovely to make a contribution if you can afford to,” another person said, while a fourth weighed in: “I think it would be lovely if you wanted to contribute towards it, but you shouldn't feel obliged to pay for the whole event.”

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