The moniker “Main Street” may seem ordinary and mundane, with throughways of that name in practically every city, town, village, hamlet, burg, and community in the United States. But the streets themselves are far from it.

Yes, Main Streets usually run right thru the heart of downtown, but it’s more than a street lined with stores and shops.

Main Streets are where local parades are held, whether it’s a holiday parade, “hail the conquering local sports heroes” parade, or a parade for a visiting celebrity – they are all held on Main Street.

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Main Street is where the cruisers from the ages of sixteen thru the early 20s go to hang out on the corner. Main Street is where you hope to meet a member of the opposite sex. Main Street has your favorite coffee shop, soda fountain, and antique shop. Main Street is where the “Mom & Pop” shops are set up. Main Street is where expansive flea markets and craft shows are held. Sometimes Main Streets have a library, town hall, ice cream parlor, party store, corner drug store, and sandwich shop.

Main Street is probably where you bought your first comic book, or Rock ‘n Roll Record, or movie magazine. Main Street is usually where the town square sits, in a little park area where you can walk your dog, read a book, or just sit on a bench and relax.

Never take your Main Street for granted…many sweet memories have been made there. The gallery below shows fifty more of Michigan’s classic Main Streets.

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