Some time ago, I told you about an old 1920s automobile that was found preserved inside a shipwreck (read about that HERE). Well now, there's another. This time, it's a 1920s Model T, found submerged in the waters of Lake Huron, between Round Island and Bois Blanc Island.

How did it get there?

Speculations run from gangsters attempting to get rid of evidence, or disposing of a body within the car, or someone trying to drive across the straits during winter and the ice broke, or it rolled off a boat...If it's the result of a shipwreck, then where's the ship???

Who knows how it got there, but it's there...

The photos below show satellite photos where you can see the outline of the vehicle. I have an up-close photo of the auto, but I cannot locate the photographer so I legally can't show it without his/her permission.

It's well-known that notorious gangster John Dillinger visited Bois there a connection? Read about his island cabin HERE.

Maybe some expert diver can get down there and take some good shots! Keep in mind, NO LOOTING OR TAKING SOUVENIRS.....the car sits within the Straits of Mackinac Shipwreck Preserve, so it's protected along with numerous shipwrecks.

Take a look at the photos below.



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