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Scott Barbour

His health is failing so Calvin Parker of Mississippi is telling the story about alien abduction, 45 years after it happened.

Calvin and his buddy Charlie were fishing on the banks of the river back in '73 when "a real bright beam appeared all over us, and it kind of blinded me for a second and when I got my vision back, I seen three bulky looking creatures coming towards us".  That was an excerpt from his book' Pascagoula: The Closest Encounter, My Story Calvin Parker.

In his book, Parker says that the creatures were "probably between 4ft to 5ft tall, but looked like football players. "  Calvin described the aliens as moving mechanical like and there were floating of the ground.  Apparently, before the two could run off, the aliens were on them.  Calvin said two were holding his friend Charlie and one holding him, and when it held him, he said he instantly felt like he just got relaxed.

In the book, Calvin goes on to talk about his experience, which was not to pleasant, but he said one feminine looking creature spoke to him telepathically  telling him" don't be afraid we aren't going to hurt you'.

In the book, Calvin says that he and Charlie were dropped back on the river bank.  They called the local sheriffs office to report the incident.  The Sheriff, put a recorder in the room when it was just the two men to see if he could catch them in a lie.   They did not sound like they were lying, the Sheriff saying "something happened to those men, you can't fake fear like that".

Okay, so now news gets out and a media circus begins and both men decide to just not talk about it anymore.

Well now Calvin Parker is talking about it in his book, and it sounds like a fun and a bit scary story.


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