Been to the movies lately? Did you enjoy it?

The seats in many new theaters are now almost like little reclining beds…so comfortable, you fall asleep and miss the whole freakin’ movie. Great. Ten bucks down the drain.

Popcorn? Don’t get me started. Do you know it only costs ten cents to make an ounce? Yet theaters jack up the price 1,300%. A small popcorn could be six bucks and a large bag up to $8.50. Then there are the extra-extra-large jumbo massive super mega-palooza buckets of popcorn for a million dollars.

Hollywood has been slacking in a lot of their film quality lately, but the movie theaters are doing what they can to bring in your business anyway with those reclining seats, 3-D, lobby games, supersonic sound, and more concession stand goodies to choose from.

Now – as grandiose as today’s movie theaters may be, they just don’t capture the experience of theaters of the past. Today we take air conditioning for granted, but back in the 1930s and 40s, it was a luxury.

Some of the things you just don’t find in today’s movie houses are the following:

Things Not Found in Michigan Movie Theaters Anymore

So there ya go. The movie-going experience has drastically changed over the past number of decades…and decades from now, who knows what it’ll be like?


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