Thanks to the influx of sawmills, grist mills, flour mills, etc. in the 1800's, there were plenty of places in Michigan that were named 'Millville'.......and this is one of 'em.

Most people in mid-Michigan may be familiar with the former town of Millville in Ingham County on M-52 just north of Stockbridge (the only remaining giveaway is the Millville Church)...but the Millville described here can be found in Mayfield Township, Lapeer County, 22 miles east of Flint on Millville Road.

It's considered a 'ghost town' nowadays - or as some call it, a "no-town". The former village area has some residents and the Millville name is even tagged onto a few establishments, but the town itself is no longer recognized, except for some locals and Michigan historians.

In 1837, a guy named Horace Lathrop built a sawmill along Plumb Creek; this was the birth of Millville. But unfortunately, the timber ran out and the sawmill was moved to another town; the population of Millville also left, seeking employment elsewhere.

If you drive thru Millville, there are still some buildings that survived; remodeled to become dwellings. An old church, old schoolhouse, store and barn are some 100+year structures that still stand, now used as homes (SEE PHOTOS). The former town doesn't even show up on many (if any) maps anymore, or even on some satellite searches.

Look at the photo gallery and then maybe you'll wanna add this interesting little sidestop on your next Michigan roadtrip.....while you're there, stop at the little party store and stock up on some goodies!

Remember, these homes are private property, enjoy their historic beauty from the road.


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