Michigan UFO's...we've had our share of sightings.

On January 9, 1967, teenage brothers Dan & Grant Jaroslaw of Mount Clemens took a few photos of what they claimed is a flying saucer, with some kind of tower stickin' out of it's rear end.

The object appeared over Lake St. Clair and the photos were taken from the Jaroslaw's backyard, not far from the Selfridge Air Force Base...which leads me to believe - if it wasn't a hoax perpetrated by the teens - that it was some sort of experimental object from the Air Force.

Even though the military wanted the original photos, the brothers said "no way" and gave 'em copies instead. The pictures were pooh-poohed by so-called "experts" and marked as "unsufficient data" as any kind of proof the object was from outer space.

Getty Images

Take a look at the video, listen to the commentary and draw your own conclusions.