This structure has been labeled “Michigan’s Oldest Residence”…not oldest building, but oldest residence.

It’s the Navarre-Anderson Trading Post, and the proof lies in the Historical Marker found on the premises. It reads, in part: “In 1789, Heutrau Navarre, son of Detroit's Royal Notary, built this house, Michigan's oldest residence…..Originally Navarre used it as a depot for his fur trade business, but in 1798 converted it to his family residence.”

It was sold to a fur trader in 1802 and later, a physician. The residence was originally located on (what is now) Elm Street in Monroe; it was moved to its current location – 1789 North Custer Road in Monroe – in 1972.

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It’s just a one-and-a-half-story structure that stands on the River Raisin, represented by the Monroe County Historical Museum. Also on the property is an old barn, old outdoor stove, a second small dwelling, and an old store on the corner.

There are other buildings known as a “Michigan’s Oldest” structure, such as the oldest public building in Charlotte, The Oldest Existing One-Room Schoolhouse in Ionia, and three others: the Officer’s Stone Quarters at Fort Mackinac, the McGulpin House, and the Biddle House, all built in 1780 on Mackinac Island.

So if there any arguments as to the validity of this former home/trading post as ‘Michigan’s Oldest Residence’, I suggest taking that concern to the Michigan Historical Society.

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