Taking a walk in Michigan is a unique institution. Some walks are taken for pleasure, others for exercise, and some are needed to get away from whatever situation you want to step away from.

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When heading out for a stroll in the Great Lakes State, be sure to take extra caution and pay attention to traffic. The leading traffic fatality in our state isn't a head-on collision but when a vehicle and pedestrians collide.

The Most Fatal Months for Michigan Pedestrians


The Zinda Law Group crunched data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to determine Michigan's top 3 most deadly months for a walk.

  1. February
    1. Total Motor Vehicle Crashes (MVCs): 275
    2. Pedestrians Killed in Fatal Crashes: 62
    3. MVCs Involving a Pedestrian Death: 22.55%
  2. October
    1. Total Motor Vehicle Crashes (MVCs): 439
    2. Pedestrians Killed in Fatal Crashes: 94
    3. MVCs Involving a Pedestrian Death: 21.41%
  3. December
    1. Total Motor Vehicle Crashes (MVCs): 275
    2. Pedestrians Killed in Fatal Crashes: 62
    3. MVCs Involving a Pedestrian Death: 21.23%

As you can see, the data points to February being the most dangerous month for Michigan strollers followed by October and December. But why? What makes these months so sketchy for walkers?


A spokesperson for Zinda Law Office gave us another insight that may provide the answer:

Evenings during the winter months are some of the most dangerous times to travel as a pedestrian. Over 70% of pedestrians killed in a fatal crash were involved in an incident during nighttime.

The National Safety Council backs this data up as well on their site:

According to NHTSA data, in 2021 most pedestrian traffic deaths occurred in urban settings (84%), on the open road (77%) versus intersections (23%), and during dark conditions with or without artificial lighting (74%).

It should be noted that all of these timeframes fall within Daylight Saving Time.


Make sure you don't become one of these statistics. If your schedule doesn't allow you to walk during daylight, consider an indoor walk at an area mall or recreational facility. Not willing to give up that crisp Michigan Fall and Winter air? Make sure you wear brightly colored and reflective clothing so approaching cars will have an easier time seeing you.

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YOU also need to watch out for passing vehicles and step out of the way if you think they are coming at you. Pedestrians always lose to fast-moving steel in the Rock, Paper, Scissors game of life.

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