According to the latest numbers Michigan is getting hit hard by another wave of the coronavirus.  The Centers for Disease Control ranks Michigan second in the nation for the most reported cases of the B.1.1.7 variant.  This strain ,was first discovered in the United kingdom, is spreading very quickly among those who have not been vaccinated. The variant has been identified in more than 1,000 cases and 42 counties in Michigan. The newest surge in our state is tied to high school and youth sports.  Hospitalizations  in Michigan have seen a surge of 800% in the 40-49 age group.

 Michigan's COVID numbers some of the worst in the nation.  

In the United States more then 52.6 million Americans are fully vaccinated, that breaks down to 16.03% , so we still have a ways to go to get people vaccinated and slow the spread of the virus.

One of the demographics that is seeing a huge spike in numbers is the under 20 age group.  In just the past 3 weeks people under the age of 20 have accounted for 22% of new cases.  Here in Michigan 70% of adults and 100% of children are still unvaccinated, which could explain why we are seeing such a spike in those numbers.  With the increase of children getting COVID, it also puts parents and those around the kids at a higher risk if they have not been vaccinated.

Hospitals in Michigan are seeing an increase of admissions for people who are under the age of 60.  Some have said that is comes down to a race between the vaccine and the variant. Currently the biggest source for outbreaks in Michigan is linked to K-12 schools, the virus is taking hold and spreading quickly.

Dr. Anthony Fauci this week shared his concern that our country is opening up in some areas to quickly.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky  got the nations attention on Monday when at a briefing she said that she "had a recurring feeling of impending doom, and we should work together to prevent a fourth surge".

President Biden is appealing to governors to  reinstate the mask mandate, and to wait to reopen businesses until we can get a handle on the spread of the virus and variant.

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