Do you have tissues close by? Go get a few. Really. I'll wait. Because you are going to need them...

Michigander Christy Hester's 2020 has been worse than most. Her husband Richard passed away at the very beginning of the year, even before COVID hit. She's spent her time sorting through her husband's things, giving keepsakes to friends and family, and deciding which organizations to donate to. But there was one item of Richard's she just couldn't part with. His glasses.

According to an article from WXYZ in Detroit, Hester said, of the spectacles, quote:

 "You get rid of some things and hold onto some things, and you don't know why."

Sure they belonged to her husband, and certainly keeping them around brought her great comfort. But she wanted to do something with them to memorialize her late husband. She knew a shadow box just wouldn't do. So she got online and searched for some inspiration. Turns out a little paint and some pipe cleaners would be all she needed for the perfect tribute.


Hester painted the lenses of the glasses with a white acrylic paint. She then used a permanent marker to draw in the details of a snowman. Using the pipe cleaners, she fastened a scarf around the bridge, and added one to the hinge of one arm (to create a hanger), and very charming, and very touching, snowman Christmas ornament made out of her beloved husband's glasses was ready for a spot on the tree.


No surprise the photos of her project have reached over 22,000 people, and although many tears were shed through the making of the ornament, she said, quote, "With every like and every comment, it was like my husband was saying 'I love you'."

I'm not crying. I just have something in my eye.

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